Control is a cage for the soul

Let’s hear from another Seer: In Control by #janemoncktonsmith

Must-read and eye-opener. Corrects the prevailing assumptions about dangerous relationships (‘why doesn’t she leave’) and that #femicide is a crime of passion where the man kills his wife in a fit of uncontrolled emotions due to abandonment anxiety or jealousy. Or a man who regularly abuses his wife unintentionally goes too far. (both lead to lighter sentences and more ‘understanding’ for perpetrators).

Through real examples and 30 years of practical experience and science, she demonstrates how #coercivecontrol (manipulation, threats, aggression) completely dominates the lives of victims of controlling partners. This follows a demonstrable pattern, and when triggered by for example (expected) abandonment or illness, the controlling partner consciously and deliberately plans to murder their partner. Violence in controlling relationships is an employed tactic. It doesn’t matter who the victim is or what they do (all demographics, no one is immune); it’s entirely about the perpetrator.

By sharing and implementing this knowledge, victims receive better assistance, escalation can be prevented, and otherwise, perpetrators are at least held accountable for what they are truly responsible for.

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